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Interested in training as a coaching supervisor but have questions you'd love answered?

Then we'd love you to attend our FREE Introduction to Coaching Supervision!

Designed for coaches who are exploring becoming supervisors, our 90-minute session will explore:

  • What coaching supervision is.
  • How it differs from mentoring and training.
  • 5 key reasons coaches become coaching supervisors.
  • The 3 prime functions of supervision.
  • Common themes within coaching supervision.
  • The 7 Eyed Model of Supervision.
  • The skills a coach needs to develop as a supervisor.
  • Accreditation and credentialing within coaching supervision.

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This session is also a great way to learn more
about our Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

You'll discover:
  • The structure and content themes of our course.
  • The learning outcomes.
  • How a typical virtual session works.
  • How to qualify on the programme.
  • The accreditation of our diploma.
  • How to enrol.

Although we’ll be sharing details of our course, this is NOT a sales pitch!

Our aim is to help you get a better idea of what becoming a coaching supervisor entails and whether our programme is right for you.

We want you to be able to make a fully-informed choice and  to have a chance to get any questions answered.

We hope you’ll join us on a call to find out more.

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