Marta Abramska PCC

Course Trainer

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Prior to qualifying as a coach and setting up her own coaching practice, Marta spent 15 years in the City, including senior management roles in a Big Four consultancy. Having led dozens of projects for firms around the globe and having been immersed in their diverse cultural environments has helped her develop an awareness of the complex system of forces that drives each organisation, which is invaluable in her coaching and supervision work today.

Today she is an ICF accredited coach running a location independent coaching practice with two main strands to her work:

In her work with organisations she specialises in supporting modern, forward-thinking leaders working with change. She helps them build engaged, purpose-led, high-performance teams and develop a coaching culture within their teams. In her work with private clients, Marta helps individuals get clarity and courage needed to craft modern, thriving careers on their own terms.

Marta has an MSc in Actuarial Science (a.k.a. insurance mathematics and statistics), and given her background she chooses evidence-based theories and practices as the bedrock of her coaching. She draws from a diverse range of disciplines and schools of thought, including transactional analysis, neuroscience, positive psychology and design thinking.

Marta’s coaching and supervision approach is highly intuitive and practical at the same time. She combines deep listening, empathy and honesty with a focus on concrete steps that her clients can take outside of the coaching or supervision space to move things forward.

A significant part of Marta’s work these days focuses on developing other coaches. In addition to working as a coach, a business mentor and supervisor, Marta is also on the faculty at Animas Centre of Coaching, one of the largest coaching schools in the UK.