Accredited Coaching Supervision Training.

coaching supervision training
coaching supervision training

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coaching supervision training

Completion Time

9 Months

coaching supervision training


15 Per Group

coaching supervision training


Live Virtual Classes

Accredited Diploma In Coaching Supervision

Designed for experienced coaches across the world, our coaching supervision training programme provides the next step in your coaching career.  Now it’s time to harness your skills, knowledge and hard-won experience to support other coaches and contribute to the profession.

Our Diploma in Coaching Supervision is a fully-accredited virtual coaching supervision training course that takes place in an interactive, small-group online environment.

Mirroring all the qualities of in-person training, including break out practice sessions and group discussions but with shorter, more laser-focused sessions, you can now undertake your coaching supervision training from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

The course is accredited by the EMCC as ESQA, the Association for Coaching as an ADCST, and the ICF for CCE and so offers you all the accreditation and developmental benefits you’d expect of advanced training.

The coaching supervision training place over roughly 8 months and features 20 live training sessions including reflective practice groups and a range of learning methods that will help you embed the new skills in practice.  

By the end of the course you’ll be a highly-skilled, confident coaching supervisor with real experience under your belt.  

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Course Structure

4 Modules Featuring 20 Live Training Sessions

20 sessions of 3.5 hours each

Reflective Practice Groups

Four 90-minute Reflective Practice Groups


3 International Awards

Course Work

Completed outside of live training sessions

Modules & Sessions

Foundations of Coaching Supervision

Session 1

Aims, Principles and Competencies of Coaching Supervision View More
  • Supervision vs coaching vs mentoring
  • EMCC supervision competencies
  • 3 functions of coaching supervision

Session 2

Beyond Coaching: Heron’s 6 Categories & the ICCS Concentric Circles Model View More
  • Heron’s 6 Categories of Intervention
  • Moving Between Interventions
  • ICCS Concentric Circles Model

Session 3

The 7 Eyed Model: A Bird's Eye View View More
  • Laying the Foundations
  • An Overview of the Model
  • Applying the 7 Eyes in Practice

Session 4

The Formative Function: Developing Growth View More
  • The Role of the Formative Function
  • Risks & Challenges
  • The Role of Teaching/Guiding

Session 5

The Normative Function: Whose Standards, Whose Norms? View More
  • Codes of Conduct & Professional Standards
  • Shame, Fear and Conflict
  • Becoming Comfortable with the Normative Function

Session 6

The Restorative Function: Coming Back To Oneself View More
  • What is Restored and How?
  • Catalytic, Cathartic and Supportive Approaches
  • Implicit vs Explicit Restorative Work

Session 7

The Supervision Alliance And Supervisory Journey View More
  • Contract Types
  • Sills’ Contracting Matrix
  • Setting Up the Supervision Relationship


Our coaching supervision training holds accreditations from the three largest professional coaching bodies, the only coaching supervision course in the world to do so.

The programme is accredited by the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) as an ESQA (European Supervision Quality Award) programme and so holds the most prestigious of coaching supervision awards.

It is also accredited by the Association for Coaching as an Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision Training.

Finally, it is approved for 40 hours of core competency CCE (Continuing Coach Education) with the International Coach Federation. This was previously 168 hours but recent ICF changes now mean no one course can have more than 40 hours CCE.

Criteria For Joining

We assess applicants for our coaching supervision training on a case-by-case basis as every coach brings different attributes that can’t be simplified into check-boxes of criteria.

However, our typical criteria are:

coaching supervision training

Course Fee & Plans

Course Fee

To reflect the international nature of our coaching supervision training, we offer payment in 3 currencies.

The prices are estimated to reflect the existing exchange rates.

The course fee is £4,495 and does not incur VAT.

International Currencies

To help facilitate participants from around the world enrolling, we accept Pound Sterling, Euro and Dollar.

However, due to the variable exchange rates, we cannot offer a fixed amount in Euros or Dollars.

Payment in these two currencies will be equivalent to the value of the course in Pound Sterling at the time of enrolling.

Whilst this means we can’t offer a fixed fee in Dollars or Euros on our website, it does mean you will know the precise cost to you in your local currency at the time of enrolling as we take on the exchange fee when converting to Pound Sterling.


Payment Plans

There are two options to pay for the coaching supervision training – either in full or in instalments.

Full Payment

Secure the course with a deposit of £/$/€ 995 and pay the remaining course fee in full before the training begins. .

Pay in Instalments

Alternatively, you can choose to pay a deposit of £/$/€ 995 followed by five equal monthly instalments.

Payment Methods

We accept the following forms of payment: 

Card payments (Visa, Mastercard and Amex). 

Bank transfers – IBAN for international and standard banking. 

For payment plans in the UK, we accept direct debit as well as automated card payments. Please note, we do not accept bank transfers or manual card payments for payment plans other than the initial deposit.

International Bursary

We recognise that many countries have average incomes far below that of many western countries. We want to enable coaches from around the world to train as supervisors.  If you would like to be considered for a 25% bursary, please complete this bursary application form

Forthcoming Start Dates



Session Schedule

24 September 2024 – 1 April 2025

🇬🇧 Greenwich Meantime (BST/GMT)

PST Pacific Standard Time (PST)

🇺🇸 Eastern Standard Time (EST)

🇨🇳 China Standard Time (CST)

🇦🇺 Australian Central Time (ACT)

Tuesday 2.00pm – 5.30pm

Tuesday 6.00am – 9.30am
Tuesday 9.00am – 12.30pm
Tuesday 9.00pm – 12.30am

Tuesday 10.30pm – 2.00am

How to Join

Enrolment on our coaching supervision training is by application only. This enables us to be sure the course is a good fit for you. It also allows us to ensure all participants are appropriately experienced and qualified to become coaching supervisors.

01 Step
Complete the short application form by clicking the Apply Now button.
02 Step
Arrange a time for a personal consultation using our booking system.
03 Step
Have an open, relaxed conversation to ensure a good fit.
04 Step
If you wish to join, we'll agree your start date, payment plan and enrol you.

If you think you’re a good fit for the course and would like to enrol, please don’t hesitate to apply. We’re happy to have a conversation and see where it takes us.

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