Discover what coaching supervision is with this FREE fun, engaging and brilliantly illustrated guide.

Discover what coaching supervision is with this FREE fun, engaging and brilliantly illustrated Ebook guide.

Download the book to start your journey of understanding coaching supervision.

Whether you are an experienced coach looking to train as a coaching supervisor, a coach looking to understand whether supervision would be useful for you or even a coaching supervisor looking for a useful resource to share with supervisees, this book will be certain to give you a lots to think about.

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5 Concise Sections for Quick Reference

The book makes thinking about the themes in supervision straightforward by dividing topics in to 5 key categories:

  • Ethical Practice & Standards
  • Coaching Skills
  • The Coaching Relationship & Psychodynamic Forces
  • Restoration and Wellbeing
  • Supporting Coach Success

Through these five areas, you’ll gain an understanding of what coaching supervision aims to achieve, the themes you might explore in supervision and the challenges that coaches face in their practice, many, or most, of which are not explored on coach training courses.

50 Engaging Illustrations Give an Insight into Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision can be hard to grasp as a concept. The word supervision can have overtones of authority. It might not seem like an attractive thing to seek out.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth and across 50 illustrations, this book lays out what really gets talked about in supervision and what coaching supervisors aim to achieve with their supervisees.

Each illustration offers an insight into supervision but also a provocation – take an image and think about how it applies to your practice.

Have fun with it.


Interested in Training as a Coaching Supervisor?

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You're Interested in Training in Coaching Supervision...

If you’re thinking about training as a coaching supervisor but you’re not entirely sure what it would look like as a way of working, this book will give a much greater sense of the issues you might be working with.

You’ll see how you can support coaches around ethical dilemmas, coaching skills, emotional challenges, mental blocks, relational challenge, the future of their work, and much more.

If the ideas in this book excite you, interest you, or create a curiosity, then maybe becoming a coaching supervisor is the right journey for you.

You're Interested in Getting a Coaching Supervisor..

Oftentimes, coaches know that they are struggling in some way but either don’t know about supervision or don’t know what it’s all about.

If you’re a coach and considering engaging a supervisor to help you with your coaching work, this book will give you great insight into the kinds of thing you can expect to explore.

Whether you’re facing self-doubt or impostor syndrome, stuck with a challenging issue with multiple stakeholders, left with some emotional baggage from the coaching, or simply planning your future as a coach, you’ll get to see the full scope of supervision laid out in easy to understand illustrations.

You're a Coaching Supervisor Looking for a Useful Resource to Use with Potential Supervisees...

As a supervisor, it can be hard to explain to a potential supervisee what they will get or what you might explore.

It can feel abstract and high-level as we share our approach to “exploring what’s going on for you in your practice.

With this book, you can freely share it with potential clients, enabling them to get a much more tangible sense of the issues that you may cover together.

The book has been designed to send to supervisees with our blessing!

About the Author:
Nick Bolton

Nick is the founder and CEO of the International Centre for Coaching Supervision and Animas Centre for Coaching.

A coach since the early 2000s, Nick established his coaching school in 2008 to bring transformational practice to coach training, perhaps never quite expecting to go on to be one of the largest coaching schools in the world.

Nick’s fascination with coaching supervision was born of his work developing new coaches in the early years of their professional practice and along with a Masters in Psychological Coaching at Metanoia he went on to study coaching supervision at two centres of excellence before deciding to develop his own unique school based on integrative practice and a focus on depth work.

His own style of coaching and supervision emerged from the existential school but with a liberal willingness to borrow, magpie-like, from any theoretical approach that could usefully bring additional perspectives. This ultimately led him to formulate a concept of transformative coaching that begins to dissolve tightly held dogma between schools of thought and discipline and focuses instead of core principles of transformative practice.

Nick is passionate about bringing coaching and coaching supervision to the wider world and eagerly pursues ways to do this including launching a coaching directory, a supervision directory and major projects around thought leadership in coaching. His current challenge is to direct the power and skills of his coaching alumni to make social impacts in sectors that traditionally can’t access coaching.

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