Anyima Okundi

Reflective Practice Group Supervisor


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From a Corporate background as an Economist working in banking and Logistics, Anyima’s passion and curiosity about the Psychology of Human interactions, led her to change focus in her career later in life, completing her HND in counselling and Psychology in 2013 and then finding a home in the work she does supporting leaders in their developmental journeys as a practicing Executive, Leadership and Team Coach since 2015. 

Anyima works with you to tap into what fulfils, energises, and ushers you into the arena that you would like to exist in.  She is keen about drawing out the true potential in future leaders and facilitating seasoned leaders to rediscover theirs and keep excelling with an eye on balancing purpose, value and fulfilment. 

This passion extends in her work as Faculty member on an Executive coaching Diploma for Africa, and, the dedication to support participants in their ongoing development as coaches, she undertook her ICCS Diploma in Coach Supervision as part of DCS-5, in order to provide ongoing support for graduating Coaches to keep evolving in their coaching competencies through robust reflection and support in the work they do. Her love for continuous learning has seen her embark on a journey to deepen her understanding of Transactional Analysis, continuing to feed her curiosity around the psychological development of individuals. Anyima brings a lot of compassion, empathy, connectivity, and safety for coaches to truly reflect on their process in service of their clients. 

As a multi-talented creative entrepreneur who has run a successful design entity for the past 15 years in Fashion, interiors and accessory design, Anyima creates congruence in both worlds she exists in professionally leverages creativity in the in her coaching and supervision sessions, facilitating deep shifts in awareness of her clients, and is championing the power of reflective practice for creatives; she is developing a Supervisory framework that will enable creatives to be supported in their multi-disciplinary functions; as small business owners handling complex emotional dynamics in their inner landscapes with a lot of support from peers, friends and family, there is little support in a professional capacity that stretches them to grow in capability and vision. She is passionate about bridging this gap in the ‘African Artisan’ context. 

A newly minted ‘empty nester’ Anyima enjoys experiencing new cuisines, learning more about diversity and sustainability in the design space, taking long walks with her husband and their dog, as well as trying new ways of keeping fit which now include salsa dance!