Mia O’Gorman

Course Trainer

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Coaching and developing coaches have long been Mia’s greatest professional passions. Starting her career in corporate leadership development in 1998, from 2006 Mia moved into external consultancy roles at renowned firms Brathay, SHL and JCA Global. These positions gave her the opportunity to build a substantial executive coaching portfolio and hundreds of hours of client experience.

Mia trained as a coaching supervisor on the first Animas Diploma in Coaching Supervision programme. In 2017, Mia started her own coaching and supervision practice and works collaboratively on leadership, coaching and coach development engagements.

She supervises coaches working internally within large organisations, and independent coaches offering executive or life coaching to their clients. She enjoys both the forensic enquiry into specific coaching challenges and the wider-ranging conversations reflecting with her supervisees on their personal and professional development. Mia resists the benign authority figures of the teacher, the security guard and the nurse often used as symbols for supervisors – instead, she prefers to see supervision through the lens of a visit to a high-end health spa, a place to reflect, renew and grow. Supervision offers coaches a metaphorical workout with the personal trainer, a nutritious meal prepared by the chef and healing massage from the physiotherapist.

Mia began coaching participants on graduate and talent programmes. Seeing the power of coaching in action and finding great joy in seeing people develop and achieve, she became interested in enabling others to coach and was accredited as a coach trainer by John Whitmore’s Performance Consultants in 2003. Mia has since provided coach development to leaders at all levels, HR and L&D professionals, and independent coaches.

Her coaching enables people to recognise their potential, see new possibilities and take confident steps forward. Combining presence, deep listening and powerful questions, she works with care and candour to help clients to overturn blocks to success and generate new attitudes, awareness, thinking and behaviours. Mia takes an integrative and psychologically-minded approach, drawing on her extensive training and her wide reading of the coaching and leadership development literature. She especially enjoys working with clients at key transitions, thresholds and turning points.

Clients find Mia’s coaching and supervision to be clarifying, calming, energising and insightful, and describe Mia as grounded, dynamic, kind, perceptive, supportive, skilled and authentic.

Mia lives in Cheltenham with her partner Rob and loves the varied town-and-country Cotswolds lifestyle, including running, hiking, cooking, eating out, tasting new wines and relaxing at home.

You can find Mia’s coaching and supervision website at www.coachingwithmia.com.