Nick Bolton PCC ESIA

Founder & CEO

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Nick is the founder and CEO of the International Centre for Coaching Supervision and Animas Centre for Coaching.

A coach since the early 2000s, Nick established his coaching school in 2008 to bring transformational practice to coach training, perhaps never quite expecting to go on to be one of the largest coaching schools in the world.

Nick’s fascination with coaching supervision was born of his work developing new coaches in the early years of their professional practice and along with a Masters in Psychological Coaching at Metanoia he went on to study coaching supervision at two centres of excellence before deciding to develop his own unique school based on integrative practice and a focus on depth work.

His own style of coaching and supervision emerged from the existential school but with a liberal willingness to borrow, magpie-like, from any theoretical approach that could usefully bring additional perspectives. This ultimately led him to formulate a concept of transformative coaching that begins to dissolve tightly held dogma between schools of thought and discipline and focuses instead of core principles of transformative practice.

Nick is passionate about bringing coaching and coaching supervision to the wider world and eagerly pursues ways to do this including launching a coaching directory, a supervision directory and major projects around thought leadership in coaching. His current challenge is to direct the power and skills of his coaching alumni to make social impacts in sectors that traditionally can’t access coaching.