Nishe Patel PCC

Reflective Practice Group Supervisor

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During a decade of working in HR within corporate environments, Nishe was dedicated to supporting recent graduates and school leavers as they began their careers.  Although she loved working with these individuals, particularly as they transitioned to new environments and different ways of operating, she recognised that it wasn’t enough for her in isolation.

Nishe began to explore what else may be out there.  She was keen to build on her existing experience and growing interest in learning & development, which led her to coaching.  It was clear to her that this would offer a valuable skill to future employers and support her in the next stage of her career.  Soon after, she began the Animas Diploma course.  And it was during one of her training weekends that Nishe volunteered to participate in a coaching demonstration, and experienced an incredibly powerful realisation.  This became an exciting pivot point in Nishe‘s life, creating a new beginning for a portfolio career. One she loves so much!

As an Integrative Coach & Hypnotherapist, she experiences real enjoyment from working with people to explore the patterns that exist in their thinking, and present in their behaviours and use of language.  Patterns that ultimately hold them back from having what they most want.  She works as a true partner with her clients, responding to their needs and encouraging them as they make progress toward their desired outcomes.  As part of this work, Nishe recognises the value of having a varied toolkit that allows her to tailor her approach to each client, and she continually researches and develops her proficiency in different techniques.

As a Lifelong Learner, Nishe continually feeds this passion, often driven by her interests in art and psychology.  She chooses to learn through a variety of methods from listening to podcasts and reading, through to attending courses and participating in seemingly random conversations. Nishe believes that there is always something to learn from every experience.  More than anything else, she is engaged by taking concepts and ideas from one part of her life and applying them to another.  In fact, the colourful flipcharts she produces during her training weekends were borne from following an online kawaii drawing blog, and conversations with fellow Coach Trainers regarding the materials and techniques they enjoyed using.

As a Coaching Supervisor and Trainer, Nishe brings her whole self into the space, she doesn’t hold back, and really gives her all to it.  Coaches-in-training can draw on all of her knowledge and expertise, whilst feeling completely assured that the space will be expertly held.

Her diverse training background brings with it different perspectives, allowing Nishe to draw from her experience to answer more varied questions about coaching, and other practices such as therapeutic approaches and NLP. She pulls all of this together with a warm and engaging presence, and her passion for enabling others to flourish is consistently visible in the training space.