How many hours study is the course?

The Diploma in Coaching Supervision is made up of many elements some of which are conducted in your own time.

The live-delivery amounts to 76 hours of synchronous learning.

This is made up of 20 sessions of training that amount to 66 hours, and 4 x 90 minutes of Reflective Practice Groups. 

Alongside this, there are elements that amount to around the following:

  • 25 Hours – Live coaching supervision with clients
  • 12 Hours – Reflective practice on supervision sessions
  • 20 Hours – Pre-reading before sessions
  • 20 Hours – General reading from the bibliography
  • 10 Hours – Reflective essays

This totals 87 hours of asynchronous learning. This is an approximation, of course, as you may read far more or less, but we believe it offers a good indication of the time needed.

163 Total Learning Hours

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