What’s covered on the course?

The Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision takes supervisors-in-training through a rich programme of learning that deepens as the course unfolds.

The best way to discover the content of the course is to download the course brochure or explore the course page here.

However, to give you a bird’s eye view of the course content, the four modules and 20 sessions are covered briefly below.

The first module, Coaching Supervision Fundamentals, comprises 7 live sessions that introduce the core principles of supervision, how supervision goes beyond ‘coaching the coach’, skills for working
as a supervisor and contracting for supervision relationships.

By the end of the 7 sessions, you will already have practiced supervision in the live training and be ready to begin supervising coaches in the real world.

The second module, Deepening Practice, has 6 sessions. It expands on the range of perspectives applied in supervision to coaches, coaching clients, coaching practices, and the systems they all sit within. It includes developing greater psychological awareness for working with the here-and-now dynamics between you and your supervisees, that often reflect challenges from the coaching relationships. This depth is what puts the ‘super’ in supervision!

The third module, Group Supervision, focuses exclusively on supervising groups. Throughout 3 sessions you will explore managing the life of a group, group dynamics and group supervision processes, with opportunities for group supervision practice in the safe but challenging environment of the live workshops.

The final module, Supervision in Context, comprises 4 live sessions. By now you will have undertaken several hours’ supervision practice within the workshops and with your own clients – therefore this module examines real-world supervision challenges such as ethical dilemmas and disruptions to relationships. Additionally, it provides space for you to consider your emerging professional identity as a supervisor and the commercial next steps for growing your supervision practice.

All sessions use a rich blend of pre-reading, personal reflection, group discussion, experimentation and case studies to widen participants’ ability to respond in new ways within supervision.

This is the formal learning process, however one of the most important factors in this programme is the personal learning you will gain that we cannot know in advance.

The course design enables you to learn about yourself in multiple ways: your unconscious biases and beliefs that will influence your coaching and supervision practice; your relationship approach within a collaborative learning space and what this might mean for you as a supervisor; your assumptions about the professions of coaching and supervision; what you encounter as you start supervising coaches; and much more that we could not and would not want to predict. That is the mystery we look forward to you unlocking as you undertake your supervision journey!


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